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Buy a board – Plant a tree



When you buy from our webshop, you help planting trees and re-planting forests in Madagascar.

And here is the story: SG Snowboards ever since has been dedicated to sustainability. We produce our products as consciously as possible, we support small businesses and local industries, and we make our contribution to protect our environment. These guidelines have always been on our mind. But we wanted to do more. So we were looking for a wider frame corresponding to our philosophy. We wanted to find a partner, and we came across this remarkable project of “Eden”.



Eden Reforestation Projects: (“Eden Projects” for short) is a non-profit organisation committed to alleviating extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests in Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal and other similar countries. The projects are employing local villagers to plant over a million trees each month. Thus, the lives of Eden’s employees have been transformed by having a fair job and regular income for these families. They are able to send their children to school, they can afford good food and receive medical care, being free from debts, labor or sex slavery. The villagers are experiencing sustainable farming and fishing, whereas their land, villages and local economies are restored sustainably.





We as SG SNOWBOARDS wanted to be part of this idea of sustainability. With this cooperation we are dedicating a certain amount of each sold article from our webshop to one of the ongoing re-planting EDEN reforestation projects. Among them, we have chosen to support the EDEN project in Madagascar. Why Madagascar – far away and so different from our Alpine snowboard world? Because this country is close to our hearts. Madagascar, located in the Indian Ocean is the country where our creative director Julia was born and has her roots. It is a country that has lost 90% of its rainforests to erosion and depletion during the last 15 years.

Therefore our choice was quickly made. We want to support the “Eden Reforestation Projects” in Madagascar. Re-establish the rainforests of Madagascar and protect them. These forests in Madagascar are known for their rich plant and animal world and are a true and unique treasure of our planet. And also, the reforestation project is acting as a motor for the local communities, enabling them to have a better future: Eden Projects on YouTube

When you buy a board in our webshop you help reforesting Madagascar! Support the reforestation of Madagascar!



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